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The questions and answers...

Q - You aren't the cheapest on the web. Why not?

A - What we offer is the BEST quality butcher block counter top. We don't offer the lower end items, such as butt joint, finger joint, or built-up laminates. ALL of our counter tops are full-length strips of high-pressure laminated solid hard rock maple, red oak, or lyptus. Because it is full length, the QUALITY of lumber selected is higher, and free from defects such as knots. In lower grade lumber, those defects are present, and typically eliminated by chopping them out and butting the pieces together. More glue, less quality,  not our way.

Q - So, if you aren't the cheapest, does it really matter if the pieces are joined?

A - Yes, the risk of delamination is significantly higher when the blanks are joined. That's why we follow this simple philosophy - "If you don't have the time and money to do it right, HOW do you have the time and money to do it over?" At the Butcher Block Factory Outlet, we do it right!

Q - How long have you been in business?

A - We opened our first location in 1982, and in June of 2008, closed our last bricks and mortar operation. 

Q - Why did you close the bricks and mortar operation?

A - We found as the rents grew out of control, our need to increase prices to cover cost was unacceptable. We decided we could offer the same quality at better prices on the web, and offer direct shipping for most of our products. The bottom line is that you get the same top-quality counter tops, tables, chairs, and gourmet items at better prices than if you purchased them in our former store locations.   

Q - What makes your tile-top products better?

A - Our tile-top manufacturer, Hollywoods Mfg., has been in business for over 20 years. We began doing business with them in the mid-80's, and have found them consistently reliable. The method of manufacturing is consistent with our philosophy, and time has proven them to be one of the best available. 


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